Protect your clients and your rep with Xero backup by Control-C

As Accountants and Xero Platinum Partners in Auckland, we regularly recommend that our clients use Xero.

Inevitably, our Xero clients also ask what would happen if Xero were to go into outage for an extended period or even ceased operations – how would they access their data and records.

Ever found yourself on the Xero Business Community and read, “Is there a way to export all of the data that you have entered into Xero? Not just the chart of accounts, but everything,” only to find similar official replies from Xero:

We don’t completely ignore this from within Xero – there just isn’t a one-click option to export out a copy of all your data.

While some Xero data could be accessed, Xero Partner firms know that the format and the ability to use this data is very limited.

That’s the beauty of Control-C.

Not only does it provide a daily back up of all your client’s Xero data but it allows offline access to view, search, report, and export data as required.

Like Xero, Control-C is a New Zealand-based company with redundant hosting, however it also includes the functionality to sync your customer data to their Dropbox or GoogleDrive, OneDrive and Box, thus providing you with the tools to sync customer data back into your own local PC/Servers for total (triple layer) protection.

When we recommend Xero to our clients our reputation is on the line. We use Control-C as a way to protect our goodwill and also give clients the peace of mind that their data is protected, safe and that we are looking after them.

Control-C is a great way to safeguard against the “uncontrollable” events in life. In a world where we’re all futureproofing our businesses, you can use this tool as another way to prove to your clients that you’re proactive and looking after their best interests.

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As businesses remain under constant pressure to stay resilient and protect their data, this could be an easy, automated way to show your clients that you’re thinking about them.

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