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(Clue: it’s not New Zealand)

Analysis from the Asia Cloud Computing Association found a flurry of challenges for cloud accounting technology to gain traction in the Asia-Pacific region.

Whilst the dreaded spreadsheet is often cited by business owners as one of the most cumbersome and least efficient manual bookkeeping tools, often being the epitome of laborious and error-prone business management practices, accounting tech firm Xero has highlighted one market where business owners use something even worse than spreadsheets.

Amidst Xero’s efforts to penetrate the Asian market the use of spreadsheets remain popular but, even worse, so are handwritten ledgers!

With Xero seeing tens of millions of business operations across APAC, the good news is that New Zealand lies at the other end of the spectrum when it comes to bookkeeping best practice. The key is aiming to be more efficient and positioned to be able to make well-informed decisions based on the numbers.

With that in mind, Alliott NZ in Auckland are the latest accounting firm to tap into small and medium business needs, launching its Ontop Outsourcing service, a cloud-based bookkeeping service to the NZ market.

Alliotts’ new offering is a virtual bookkeeping service on a monthly subscription model, presenting business owners with a cloud-based system that gives a real-time view of key financials.

The new service has been specially designed to help start-ups as well as established businesses to be financially well organised.

It is intended to deliver insight and alleviate many of the longstanding headaches entrepreneurs and business owners can typically face when crunching their numbers each month.

Being local and therefore attuned to New Zealand business issues, Alliotts can also assist with cash flow forecasting, creating budgets or attracting investment if any matters emerge as a result of what the financials are reporting.

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