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digital economy

Digital economy

Taxing the digital economy fairly

David Gibbs, corporate tax partner at London accounting firm Alliotts (and chair of Alliott Group’s International Tax Services Group) explains in this short report that the OECD and the European Commission (EC) have both issued publications with their respective latest analysis and proposals to tackle the issue of taxing profits and income earned from within the digital economy.

So where are we now in terms of concrete proposals? Read David’s views below.

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Xero backup with Control-C

Protect your clients and your rep with Xero backup by Control-C

As Accountants and Xero Platinum Partners in Auckland, we regularly recommend that our clients use Xero.

Inevitably, our Xero clients also ask what would happen if Xero were to go into outage for an extended period or even ceased operations – how would they access their data and records.

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online shopping

US Supreme Court’s Wayfair Decision

Wayfair: Could the US Supreme Court decision open Pandora’s Box across the globe?

In the case of South Dakota vs. Wayfair, the United States Supreme Court may have opened a Pandora’s Box of tax compliance problems around the world as states seek to collect taxes they believe are due to them.

Alliott Group colleague Daryl R. Petrick of Californian accounting firm Bowman & Company, LLP, explains the decision and the potential reverberations for domestic and international retailers.

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Personal Tax

Cristiano Ronaldo and foreign high net worth individuals

Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival at Juve highlights Italy’s attractive new tax regime for foreign high net worth individuals.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s summer switch to Juventus has sparked debate about not only sporting performance and statistics, but also the fiscal implications of his transfer to the club. In particular, Cristiano’s move has drawn attention to the optional tax regime for new residents in Italy. Find out more below in this article from partners Giorgio Marcolongo and Paolo Bifulco, a version of which also appeared in a recent copy of Rolling Stone magazine.

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NZ CRS & FATCA disclosures

Although due date for CRS & FATCA disclosures has passed, NZ IRD still accepts late submissions

Financial institutions needed to report information about foreign tax resident financial accounts to us for the year ending 31 March 2018 by 30 June.

This is an annual obligation to comply with the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) and Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) legislation. IRD is due to exchange information internationally by 30 September 2018.

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Budget 2016 transforming NZ’s tax system

Global tax evasion

Combatting global tax evasion

The New Zealand government has joined more than 100 other countries in a global initiative to combat tax evasion. It’s called the Automatic Exchange of Information – or AEOI.

This international collaboration will make it even harder for people who are trying to evade paying tax by hiding money or investments overseas.

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Alliott Group Asia Pacific Regional Conference

Alliott NZ at Accounting & Law Asia Pacific Conference

Alliotts was represented from 24-26 May in Osaka, Japan at the Asia Pacific Regional Conference of Alliott Group, the international alliance of professional services firms of which our firm is a member.

The conference provided learning, personal development and networking opportunities and was attended this year by 28 professionals from 17 cities in 11 countries.

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