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Trans-Tasman e-invoicing

Electronic invoicing is a broad term that covers the exchange of invoices between a supplier and a buyer in an electronic format – for example, emailing an invoice in portable document format (PDF).

However, when we talk about e-invoicing (or digital invoicing), we mean the automated direct exchange of invoices between the supplier’s and buyer’s software systems.

E-invoicing relies on open standards and technology solutions to exchange invoices seamlessly, without manual input. It removes the need to create paper-based or PDF invoices, scan, post or email them, or manually enter them.

E-invoices can be sent directly to a customer’s software system, even if the buyer and supplier are using different systems. It’s secure, safe and reliable.

See also: e-Invoicing takes the next step for Australian and New Zealand SMEs (Australian Government media release, 22 February 2019)

E-invoicing is an industry driven trans-Tasman initiative and is key to digitising our economy. Talk with the team at Alliotts Chartered Accountants in Auckland about how e-invoicing can help improve the way you do business in Australia and across the Tasman.

Source ATO