Auckland’s Alliott NZ Chartered Accountants has been recognised as one of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand’s (CAANZ) Top 30 accounting firms in New Zealand.

A compilation of the country’s top accounting firms has shone a light on the contribution NZ accountants make to not only businesses, but their communities as well. Accounting firms in New Zealand were ranked for the first time and the Top 30 list was announced in Sunday Star-Times in a partnership between Fairfax Media and CAANZ.

Alliott NZ Directors Greg Millar and Vanessa Williams said, “First and foremost we wish to thank our clients who are the backbone of our business and who inspire us every day.”

“Our clients help us take our business to new levels, as evidenced by being included as a NZ Top 30 firm, so it’s important to acknowledge them as well as our wonderful team and the great work they do to support us.”

NZ Top 30 accounting firms

NZ Top 30 accounting firms

“It is an opportunity to profile and shine a light on the contributions accountants make to business and their community,” said CAANZ NZ Country Head, Peter Vial. “This contribution was understood within business, but perhaps not so much by the wider public.”

A key theme is digital change and what that means for accounting. Vial said the role of an accountant is changing and is made up of far less regulatory work and a lot more strategy and advice.

“Accountants have been dealing with change for a while now, but some firms are more advanced than others when it comes to embracing technology.”

The New Zealand Top 30 list will be followed by a series of other feature articles, which focus on individual firms’ efforts in areas such as innovation, business advisory and pro bono activities. CAANZ sponsored the rankings to promote the achievements of NZ firms and align with issues demonstrating performance in the accounting industry.

View the full NZ Top 30 accounting firm list here