Alliott Group 2019 Worldwide Conference

Alliott NZ joins international colleagues from 38 countries at Alliott Group’s worldwide conference in Madrid.

Alliotts’ Greg Millar and Vanessa Williams were among the 138 delegates from 78 independent accounting and law firms in 38 countries who were in attendance in Madrid for the 2019 Worldwide Conference of Alliott Group, the firm’s international alliance.

During 2019, the alliance has enjoyed record membership growth, with 21 new firms joining in 16 countries. This surge in membership was reflected in the high turnout for the conference (23-26 October) which also marked the alliance’s 40th anniversary.

The alliance’s growth strategy was outlined by new COO Giles Brake who is targeting the expansion of the group’s membership to 100 countries within three years to ensure Alliott Group member firms can offer a truly global solution to clients involved in or considering international business activity.

Participation in the alliance’s conference programme ensures that our professionals can form trusted personal relationships with senior advisors at like-minded professional firms across the world who will handle our clients’ business with maximum care and efficiency and who have expert knowledge of their local jurisdiction’s tax, government and legal systems.

Involvement in the conference also immersed professionals from global practice groups focused on sharing knowledge and developing joint capability and new opportunities in areas including M&A, International Tax, Real Estate, Audit, International Private Wealth, Global Mobility, Business Law and VAT/Indirect Tax.

Alliott Group APAC Chair Vanessa Williams said: “Membership of Alliott Group is an investment we make on behalf of our clients and professional staff. The world is now global and the rate of technological and regulatory change is unprecedented so it is vital that we are connected to accountants, lawyers, tax advisers, auditors and other business professionals who will provide new insights.”

“Our ongoing participation in Alliott Group’s activities gives us additional inspiration and high calibre professional contacts that will ensure our firm and our clients are future-ready.”

Conference highlights included Declan Curry, the former business presenter on BBC One’s Breakfast TV, leading a panel discussion that explored business, economic and political issues such as Brexit, the impact of the China/US trade war on supply chains, slowed growth in Europe and China, and recessionary fears in the US and Hong Kong. The conclusions of the panel were that we live in a time of uncertainty, growing protectionism and regulations sometimes getting in the way of business.

Local experts Luis Alvarez from Spain’s Ministry for the Economy & Business and Maria Jesus Fernandez, Executive Director at ICEX-Invest in Spain, explained that Spain is very much open for business. The country has a competitive corporate tax rate of 25%, GDP growth of 2.1% (projected), a thriving international M&A market with deals valued at over €107,400 million in 2018, and Foreign Direct Investment flows at record highs of €55,300 million (2018). The energy sector, particularly renewables, was highlighted as a particularly attractive opportunity for foreign investors.

HR and marketing focused presentations also ensured our representatives are more informed about how the firm can ensure it is positioned as a compelling employer to the accountants and lawyers of tomorrow. Practical ideas were shared on how to build a high-performing leadership culture at the firm and why professional firms must invest in their brand to safeguard their future success.

The firm now looks forward to Alliott Group’s 2020 Worldwide Conference in Tokyo.

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Alliott Group NZ Ltd are Chartered Accountants and business advisers in Auckland. The firm is recognised as one of New Zealand’s Top 30 accounting firms at the forefront of the accounting industry in a variety of areas including pro bono work, gender diversity and innovation.

About Alliott Group

Founded in 1979, and with some 150 member firms in 65 countries, Alliott Group is an award-winning international alliance of independent accounting and law firms that need access to a larger resource base on an international basis to develop reputation, visibility and new business. Alliott Group provides services to help its member firms position themselves as the ‘go-to’ firms in their local markets for businesses and private individuals with multi-market business interests.

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