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Alliott Global Alliance announces the expansion of its international alliance of independent accounting and law firms to its 80th country.

Alliott Global Alliance (‘AGA’) has reached another milestone in its development by increasing the international coverage it can offer to clients and member firms to 80 countries.

This announcement comes on the heels of law firm Peña Mancero Abogados’ recent admission to the alliance in Bogota, Colombia.

Established in 1979, AGA employs a different business model to the larger accounting and law firms and international networks- its 195 member firms in 235 cities remain completely autonomous but collaborate to provide the depth of compliance and advisory expertise and geographic reach needed by organizations and high net worth individuals with multi-jurisdictional business interests. Accounting and law members work together across the world to deliver to these clients the specialist, multidisciplinary solutions which often intersect across the tax and legal challenges inherent in the typical business lifecycle.

Giles Brake, COO of Alliott Global Alliance, comments: “Achieving coverage in 80 countries is key to ensuring clients have convenient access to niche technical and industry-specific professional services expertise in as many jurisdictions as possible.  Clients value the efficient, hands-on approach provided by AGA member firms. Growing client demand is fuelling our expansion into more locations across the world.

“Our expansion to 16 new countries since the start of 2020 also demonstrates that AGA is viewed by independent, entrepreneurial-led professional firms as a solution that increases their capacity to deliver the increasingly specialist services needed by clients. Firms value the new opportunities to win business and develop their practices internationally through access to the global resource base we offer.” 

AGA has expanded rapidly during the pandemic, adding 11 new member firms to its alliance in 2021 in all world regions. AGA remains on track to meet its target of expansion to 250 member firms by 2025. 

Colin Farmer, Worldwide Chair of AGA, adds: “We are seeing entrepreneurial, medium sized clients continuing to seek investment opportunities in new geographic markets. This type of client wants to work with equally entrepreneurial, locally based professional advisors, but need access to deeper expertise within a region or globally. We are developing the scale and resources to bridge the gap for both parties. Our focus will therefore remain on developing a truly global solution for such clients and the professional services firms who advise them.”

About Alliott NZ

Alliott Group NZ Ltd are Chartered Accountants and business advisers in Auckland. The firm is recognised as one of New Zealand’s Top 30 accounting firms at the forefront of the accounting industry in a variety of areas including pro bono work, gender diversity and innovation.

About Alliott Group

Founded in 1979, and with some 193 member firms in 80 countries, Alliott Global Alliance is an award-winning international alliance of independent accounting and law firms that provide access to a larger resource base on an international basis to develop reputation, visibility and new business. Alliott Global Alliance provides services to help its member firms position themselves as the ‘go-to’ firms in their local markets for businesses and private individuals with multi-market business interests.

To find out more about how Alliott NZ in Auckland can provide professional advisory support to clients doing business in different markets around the world, please contact us on +64 9 520 9200 or visit alliott.co.nz.