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Doing Business in New Zealand

If you’re an Australian business looking to operate in the New Zealand market, we provide strategic business guidance and practical financial advice on how to structure your business here.

Over the years we’ve helped many companies like yours successfully set up shop here in New Zealand. Our experience in this area has helped to position many of them for growth in the local market by putting in place tax structures to suit their specific needs.

Why set up in New Zealand?

The easy business environment, proximity to Australia, language and exchange rates make New Zealand a logical place to start if you’re an Australian company looking to expand offfshore.

Plus NZ’s extensive Free Trade Agreements provide additional incentive, especially if you’re targeting markets in the wider Asia Pacific region.


Business Structure Options

We’ve created a FREE Guide that outlines the various business structures available to you, together with the tax implications and compliance requirements. The information in this Guide is in summary form and intended as it implies, as a guide only.
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Auckland, the underrated jewel of APEC

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Useful information

About New Zealand’s Free Trade Agreements

New Zealand has free trade agreements with a number of countries:

  • Australia (CER – Closer Economic Relations)
  • China
  • South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) – including Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • Singapore
  • Brunei
  • Chile
  • Hong Kong

New Zealand is the first country in the world to complete a free trade agreement with China. This means:

  • zero duty rates or significantly reduced rates on imports; and
  • elimination of tariffs on most of New Zealand’s exports to China, which can be a major advantage for international businesses operating in NZ.

Under the Australia New Zealand CER:

  • Australian products receive preferential tariff treatment; and
  • Australian made products, with over 50% Australian content, are not subject to tariffs, and import licenses are no longer required to import goods into New Zealand.

What our clients say

“Our decision to use Alliott NZ to set up our New Zealand company is one we’ve never regretted.”

Tasked with overseeing DeployPartners rapid expansion plans from Australia into the Asia Pacific region, Claire had no idea how to set up a business in another country. As an experienced Finance & Administration executive, to move quickly she knew she needed local expertise to guide her through the process.

“Our accountants are part of the Alliott Group too and it was on their recommendation that we decided to use Alliott NZ to set up our New Zealand company. It’s a decision we’ve never regretted.”

From payroll to taxes and company structure, Alliott NZ helped Claire set up operations in just a few weeks. They also recommended Xero for all offshore accounts, setting it up so that data integration with accounting systems back at head office was easy.

“We’ve had a great experience with Alliott NZ. They are prompt, never miss a deadline and are always proactive, getting onto us immediately when something needs addressing or is upcoming.”

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Claire Body
Manager of Finance & Administration
DeployPartners (Australia)

Find out your options

At Alliott NZ we understand that your business is unique. Please contact Greg Millar or Vanessa Williams to discuss your particular situation and receive advice that is relevant to you. Call us today +64 9 520 9200 or email us.