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New Zealand’s top accounting firms announced for 2019

Thirty accounting firms have been announced as New Zealand’s top performers. They were publicised by a collaboration between Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand and Sunday Star-Times / Stuff.

The Top 30 list includes regional to suburban and right up to Big 4 accounting firms throughout New Zealand. The survey also recognises firms at the forefront of the industry in a variety of areas including pro bono work, gender diversity and innovation.

A focus of the 2019 survey was business growth on the back of holistic know-how.

Businesses are increasingly turning to accountants to help identify opportunities and avoid pitfalls, recognising the value of a deep understanding of financial numbers and commerce in general. Inevitably, Chartered Accountants are using their market knowledge to assist client growth and, in some instances, an ability to also marry business know-how with broader community knowledge and insights.

Auckland-based Alliott NZ Chartered Accountants Director Greg Millar said, “Increasing our investment and utilisation of technology enables us to concentrate on training ourselves in other business skills that our clients need.”

“Technology has been disruptive but it makes us smarter as accountants to try and find the value proposition for our clients.”

“When we first started in accounting it was all about processing, but that changed with Xero and it became about interpreting. Now the software is interpreting and we find ourselves asking ‘what’s next’.”

Breaking down barriers

“We can’t rest on our laurels,” added Alliotts Director Vanessa Williams. “We always need to be looking forward to see what’s coming up.”

“Where it’s really positive for our industry and our clients is that we can work on solutions that are affordable.”

“Compared to the days of servers and computers, our clients can now gain access to meaningful information for a fraction of the cost and we can help them more easily as many solutions are available off the shelf.”

“As a result, each business on its own can be as powerful as it wants to be. Hopefully we’re helping our clients break down the barriers.”

Alliott NZ Ltd is located in Newmarket, Auckland, with a team of dedicated, experienced Chartered Accountants and business advisers passionate about helping NZ businesses grow and succeed. They were ranked as a New Zealand Top 30 accounting firm in 2017 and 2018. CAANZ sponsored the rankings to promote the achievements of NZ firms and align with issues demonstrating performance in the accounting industry. Read the full announcement here. #threepeat

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